The Parish of All Saints Anglican Church is a Christian community in the Anglican / Episcopal tradition that has gathered on the South Slope of Burnaby since 1912. We are part of the Diocese of New Westminster within the larger Anglican Church of Canada and a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion of Churches.

Our Mission Statement

Making God’s Presence Visible in South Burnaby for over 100 Years

We celebrate all traditions of music and liturgy and welcome all persons of all persuasions to worship and join in our community. You will experience a variety of rituals, music, themes and worship styles. You are welcome to join in the celebration and our many programs within the parish life. If you wish to join the choir, read, lead prayers, welcome newcomers, become an administrator of bread and wine, or participate with our children’s program, please speak with a Minister.

Above all else, WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY!

Sunday Services
8:00 am, Holy Communion with the Book of Common Prayer (said)
10:00 am, Holy Communion with music using the Book of Alternative Services



How to Reach Us

All Saints Anglican Church, South Burnaby
7405 Royal Oak Avenue
Burnaby, B.C.
V5J 4J8

Voice: (604) 433-0815